Angry Monkey Agency Investments

About Angry Monkey Agency

Angry Monkey Agency is an innovative agency that offers an array of services and visual solutions through creative design strategies. It is a collective of dynamic rebels with bold, fresh, and original ideas and concepts, with a passion for creating and executing exceptional designs expressed by different visual communication means. Using the creative process, we combine arts and technology to communicate ideas and develop or translate concepts into effective designs. Our talented team is constantly exploring new options and abilities, and is always seeking new energies, challenges, and ways of learning.

What differs Angry Monkey Agency from other agencies

Angry Monkey Agency's vision is so high, we’re working on advanced technologies to reach new milestones.

Below are some key features we've publicly announced:


We're building the most advanced business assistant to serve the highest number of clients in a fast and professional way. In this way, a client can get the answers or actions he requested without the interference of a human, such as "Stop promoting my last campaign on Facebook but keep it going on Instagram."


We're investing, and we'll keep investing in our cloud services so that we offer the best for our clients on the development level which includes Performance, Security, Safety, ...
We're already using Microsoft Azure services such as Flat Storage, Serverless Computing, Georedundancy, and much more.


We're transforming our work into automated processes, so each member could do more.


Innovation and innovation and innovation, a key success to grow bigger, stable, with no drawbacks
We're already working on bringing advanced technologies into our work such as Blockchain, Mixed Reality, ...


We're currently looking for investment in California or Texas before September 2018, where we'll be opening our headquarters in the United States of America.
Interested investors are welcome to contact us at the below email, and thank you.

[email protected]